Demo’s at ARC

Posted in Adorama Rentals by Dave Goldgaber on September 14, 2010

YES, we demo our equipment! There are a lot of people who want their work to look their best — today, that usually means they want their footage to be shot in HD. For some shooters, when the word HD or tape-less workflow is mentioned they run for the hills. They think extreme learning curves and mammoth-sized cameras along with expensive software. We’d like the shooting community to know that you can depend on us for information. We have equipment that suits all styles, budgets and skill levels. One of our most popular cameras that we rent are the Canon HDSLR’s. They are very user-friendly and are capable of shooting in HD. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer making the jump to video or looking to improve the quality of your work for clients, we’re here to help your transition.

Either give us a call (212) 627-8487 or visit us at 42 W. 18th St.(on the 6th floor) and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment for a demonstration. We promise it won’t be as crowded or as loud as the march to Washington in the 60’s.


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