Five Essential HDSLR Video Resources

Posted in Video by Dave Goldgaber on November 22, 2010
Redrock Rig DSLR

Redrock Rig DSLR

Until recently, a pronounced line divided photographers and videographers. Since the HDSLR invasion, that line has blurred, and the two worlds have been merging. More and more, photographers are shooting video and videographers are…well, still shooting video. For some photographers, the big switch to video can be treacherous – learning curves can be steep, terminology is bewildering, and there’s no time to go to film school. The best thing to do is to start shooting and learn as you go; make mistakes and learn from them. The rest of your time should be spent gathering information. The rate at which HDSLR blogs and merchants have sprung-up is incredible and it can be overwhelming. The purpose of this post, is to reveal which blogs, sites, and merchants are worth visiting and spending your time and money on.

1. Planet 5D

This is a good “all-around” site that is everything HDSLR. It has a blog for all the latest HDSLR news including events, equipment, and tutorials. It has a “cinema” page which features videos that users can rate. A forum page so users can find technical info or share work with one another. A buyer’s guide and gear reviews.

2. American Cinematographer Magazine (ASC)

Circulation for this magazine began in 1920 and began as a newsletter and listed the ASC workers. By the 1930’s, it was a full-fledged magazine that was devoted to professional and amateur filmmakers alike. Today, it’s a monthly publication that highlights the work that takes place behind the camera. It’s a great source for technical information and inspiration. One can see elaborate lighting set-ups and what equipment was chosen for certain applications.

3. Shane Hurlbut Blog

Shane Hurlbut is an active ASC member whose work includes Terminator: Salvation and Semi-Pro. He started this blog for HDSLR shooters and teaches his own HDSLR bootcamp. It’s a great website filled with easy-to-follow tutorials and tips.

4. Canon Rumors

This website is pure fun. If you’re a self-proclaimed rumor monger or love to read about what Canon has up their sleeves, this is the place to go. The gentleman who writes for this blog has several sources and lists his sources in order of reliability. So you know when a rumor is close to the truth or when it’s complete…er, speculation.

5. Philip Bloom

A DP in the UK, Bloom was one of the early evangelists for DSLR video. He posts frequently and is not afraid to get his hands dirty experimenting in the field and posting his results to his Vimeo page. He’s also one of the most accessible HDSLR experts, active on his site’s forums, via Twitter, and even known to meet readers over beers.


Dave Goldgaber is a freelance DP and a Video Specialist for ARC.


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  1. james wood said, on February 4, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    A good five essential list worth checking out .

    James Wood
    United By Photography.

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