Not Cool: Kuwait Bans DSLRs from the Street

Posted in News by Nathan Lee Bush on November 23, 2010
Kuwait DSLR ban

Kuwait DSLR ban

And you thought the UK was bad. Our favorite oil-rich constitutional monarchy just got a little less cool. Three Orwellian-sounding Ministries have jointly declared a ban on DSLR cameras in public places for everyone except accredited journalists.

This begs the obvious question, why DSLRs? With increasingly capable smartphones and large-sensor compacts, the image quality distinction between large and small cameras continues to blur. Generally if one wants to be covert and shake things up politically, they will not whip out the D3s anyway. I generally sneak shots by furrowing my brow in mock-concentration as I pretend to type on my iPhone.

This definitely pushes Kuwait down from second-to-last to firmly last among photography destinations. But in all seriousness, this sets a dangerous precedent both for free speech and photographer’s rights everywhere.

Source: PetaPixel via The Kuwait Times


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