Rejoice! SmallHD Monitors Have Arrived

Posted in Equipment, Video by Dave Goldgaber on December 3, 2010
SmallHD DP6

SmallHD DP6

For the past year we’ve only offered Marshall monitors (both HDMI and SDI versions), and while there is no reason to dump the Marshall’s if they are working for you, we’ll tell you why you might want to try the SmallHDs.

To begin, the model we now carry is the new DP6-SDI. The monitor is durable and lightweight, which is ideal for shooting handheld work. It weighs about 14oz and it’s shell is made of solid aluminum, allowing it to withstand the most rugged conditions. Next, SmallHD includes every essential connection possible: HDMI-out, 3G/HD/SDI In/Out, Component, Composite, and they included a USB for firmware updates. Usually, if you rented Marshall monitors from us you would have had to distinguish wether you needed the HDMI version or the SDI version.

Monitor power is another plus for SmallHD. If you have a surplus of 5D/7D batteries you can use two of them to power the monitor. This is good news for people who don’t want to invest in third party batteries such as IDX, Anton, or smaller video batteries. The DP6 is also very feature-rich. Again, it’s good to know that if the company develops any new features, you can download them onto a flash-drive and easily upgrade your monitor. Some of the key features on the monitor includes “peaking”, “false colors”, “image flip”, “auto aspect ratio detection”, and RGB color controls just to name a few.

Last but certainly not least, is the resolution on the DP6. Now, Marshall wants all of us to know that we shouldn’t be fooled by higher resolution monitors. The resolution on their 7” HDMI monitors is 800×480 while the resolution on the DP6 is 1280×800. To us, it’s a big deal to have a monitor that has a native HD resolution. When shooting on HDSLR’s it’s imperative that we have a monitor that we can calibrate to match what the sensor sees, be sharp enough so we can nail our focus marks, lightweight and solid because it will take a beating, and supportive representatives, in case we have any problems. Either way, the best person to ask which monitor is best is you!

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