Highlight Tech: Wireless Audio Monitoring by Comtek

Posted in Equipment by Nathan Lee Bush on February 1, 2011

Highlight Tech is a weekly series where we show off the best-kept secrets of ARC’s photo & video arsenal.

We all strive to record the cleanest audio possible while filming. Although most dialogue is done through ADR (audio dialogue replacement) in a sound booth during post-production, it’s still important to record usable sound. And for the director who is concentrating on an actors’ performance, it’s easy to overlook the quality of the sound that is being recorded on set. The best solution for this is wireless audio monitoring. This is where a product like the Comtek PR-216 reciever/M-216 transmitter and receiver comes in.
They function as a pair and are similar to the way wireless lavalier mics are used. The M-216 transmitter can be given to the sound mixer to hook up to a recording device and from there, send an audio signal wirelessly to the receiver so the director can hear what’s being recorded and from there, judge the quality.
The Comtek’s are easy to set-up and have a very small footprint. They won’t take up much space and the receiver can be used with any pair of headphones. And like wireless lavalier mics, you can set certain frequencies so you can be sure that there is no signal interference of any kind.
Also a big plus for DSLR shooters: if you are filming with the popular JuicedLink or Beachtek pre-amp mixers, the Comtek’s are fully compatible.


Dave Goldgaber is one of ARC’s resident video gurus. He’s available for hire as a DP, AC or technical adviser.

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