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Posted in Adorama Rentals by Nathan Lee Bush on February 17, 2011

Anybody can walk into an Apple Store and ask for the highest spec machine available. And many people with money to burn waste many thousands of dollars doing just that. What they should be asking is what machine they need, based on what they are trying to do. Most of the rental houses in NYC offer towers and laptops with similar high-end specs, but what really matters is how the hardware is customized and software optimized in every way for the needs of the client: photo and video professionals.

Every time our Macbook Pros and Mac Pros come back they are completely updated and optimized for video work and stills. They are loaded with the absolute latest version of the Adobe suite, Final Cut Pro, plugins, codecs, with the client in the studio or the field in mind.

Each computer is completely reimaged after each job. It’s as if they are going out for the first time with each new rental. This helps you avoid the slower performance and connection errors that can occur when a computer is bogged down from the residue of old jobs. This goes hand in hand with our policy of updating all our cameras to the latest firmware, so they complement the software. Think of it as preventative medicine for electronics.

The Macbook Pros are maxed out with every available option: 8GB RAM, 500GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive. The Mac Towers have 24GB RAM (generally these might be 8 or 16GB at other houses), 1 TB fixed storage, and an extra 2TB temporary storage. It uses the latest in speed connectivity, eSATA at 3 gigabits/second, and the much anticipated USB 3.0, which has a maximum throughput of 5 gigabits/second (compare this to the comparatively paltry 480 megabits of throughput allowed by USB 2.0).

Also of interest to filmmakers, our Mac Pros are outfitted with Black Magic capture cards, which capture uncompressed video through the use of either component or HDMI I/O ports, with certain high-end video cameras.

Computers can often seem like a black (or in this case silver) box for photographers and filmmakers. That’s why we’ve hired the best minds in computer optimization, with extensive experience in the film and photo worlds, to completely design our computers from the bottom up with your needs in mind. The last thing a photographer or filmmaker wants to deal with on a shoot is software troubleshooting or hardware failure, so we go a step above the industry standard in quality to minimize that possibility.


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