Around the Adoramasphere

Posted in News by Nathan Lee Bush on March 19, 2011

On Tech Tock, Richard Bram reports on the FORMAT 2011, the month-long festival for street photography; and ALC Editors highlight photographer Dawn Shields’ volunteer photo and video project, introducing the world to Rhema Marvanne, an eight-year-old using her amazing voice to help cancer charities.

On this blog, Through The Looking Glass, I report on the week’s photo and video events in New York; and Adam Sherwin of Resource Magazine delivers the first part of the epic saga of how RETV came into being.

On the Techniques and How-Tos blog, Mark Wallace shows off a pretty ingenious and affordable collapsible disc background for chroma-keying while shooting on location; Mason Resnick reviews the Lighting in Layers DVD set by “The Strobist,” David Hobby, which guides you through six increasingly complex lighting scenarios; Mark interviews portrait photographer Rachael Kuivinen about a recent destination wedding shoot; he demonstrates a simple but effective way to shoot a backlit subject with a 50mm lens while maintaining shallow depth of field; and he reviews the LomoLomo iPad app, which can give any shot a ‘lomo’ look.

On the Gear Guides and Reviews Blog, Mason Resnick explains what creates digital noise and the best ways to avoid it; and Fred Singer explains five common memory myths about SD and CF cards.

At the Adorama News Desk, Mason Resnick updates readers on the status of Japanese photographic companies after the recent earthquake and tsunami; and he wraps the week’s news, covering an ingenious crowdsourcing site for photojournalists to fund their work through donations, the kidnapping of photojournalists in Libya, and how to donate to the Japanese Quake victims.


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