Live from NAB 2011: Painting the town RED with ‘The Clutch’ Rig

Posted in Equipment, Video by Dave Goldgaber on April 12, 2011

"The Clutch" by RED

So I’m a little disappointed that RED still has yet to release Scarlet. However, they did keep me somewhat excited with their new rigs and components, and seeing them on fully-configured EPICS put a big smile on my face… especially with the new Leica C lenses on them!

The new handheld rig, The Clutch is a thing of beauty, and it doesn’t kill your shoulder (it weighs about 8lbs), and is engineering at it’s best.I put the rig on, and it felt like an extension of my body. That’s how good it is. And of course, it’s a bit pricey… $4900 pricey! But, when you’re spending that much on an EPIC body, why not? It will be compatible with the EPIC, RED One, and Scarlet. Like the Redrock systems, it will be modular to a certain degree so you can always build up or strip dow to get the rig which meets your immediate needs.


Dave Goldgaber is one of ARC’s resident video specialists. He is available for hire as a DP, AC or technical adviser.

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