Live from NAB: New follow focus from REDROCK MICRO

Posted in Equipment, Video by Dave Goldgaber on April 12, 2011

The new follow focus from Redrock Micro at NAB 2011

I’m in Vegas, baby, with NYC rain a distant memory, at NAB, the video and film trade show.

First up we have the new and improved follow focus from Redrock Micro. It has three hard-stop pins that you pull up and move to your mark so you don’t overshoot focus. The lens pitch is beefier, so quick racking movements will still be smooth. The clamp for the lightweight rods is similar to that of the previous follow focus design. A studio version will be available so that you can have a follow focus on both sides of the lens. There will also be glow-in-the dark focus disks available, a brilliant addition for night shooting. The new follow focus comes in at $750.


Dave Goldgaber is one of ARC’s resident video specialists. He is available for hire as a DP, AC or technical adviser.


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  1. […] head and body, which is also great for 3D filmmaking; and he explains the design changes of the new Redrock Micro Follow Focus; the I discuss the new pro editing offering from Apple, Final Cut Pro X, a completely redesigned […]

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