Around the Adoramasphere

Posted in News by Nathan Lee Bush on July 24, 2011

Around the Adoramasphere is our weekly roundup of the internet goings-on of the Adorama family.

Photoshop plugin - onOne PhotoTune 3.0

On this blog, Through The Looking Glass, Nathan Bush highlights a video making the rounds highlighting the ridiculous security practices infringing on photographer’s rights in the UK; he highlights a YouTube channel devoted to in-depth film analysis which will be helpful for filmmakers; and we roundup the week’s photo and video events in New York City.

On the Techniques and How-Tos blog, Mark Wallace interviews Lifestyle and Event Photographer, Mike Olbinski; Allen Rokach with Anne Millman discuss when you might pose or not pose your subject when traveling; and Mark explains bracketing, both for exposure and focus.

On the Pro Audio blog, Greg Scoblete has a buying guide for audio editing software; Kristin Pinell & Kurt Reil explain how to choose a microphone for recording music.

On the Gear Guides and Reviews blog, Mark reviews the new Nikon SB-700 speedlight; Greg Scoblete has a buying guide for Photoshop plug-ins; Mark reviews the Paper Camera iPad app, which lets you instantly add fun effects to your photos; and Gregory Quick has advice for choosing accessories for computing on the road.

At the Adorama News Desk, Mason Resnick wraps the week’s photography news, including a Samsung patent for adding DSLR-like depth of field to small sensor cameras using a twin lens system; a micro-storage breakthrough; and software compatibility concerns with Apple’s latest OS X release.

On Tech Tock, Mason asks photographers how they protect their camera gear from the brutal heatwave sweeping the country; and he highlights an amazing viral video of a Rube Goldberg-like contraption using only camera gear to take a picture.



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