Around the Adoramasphere

Posted in News by Nathan Lee Bush on August 14, 2011

Around the Adoramasphere is our weekly roundup of the internet goings-on of the Adorama family.

The right way to design a prime lens

On this blog, Through The Looking Glass, I review the ambiguous and alluring work of fashion photographer Sam Nixon for our ongoing series, ARC Presents; we announce a few positions we’re hiring for at Adorama Rentals to meet our rapidly growing business needs; I discuss the right and wrong way to use time-lapse and why I think the technique has become woefully overused; and, as always, we review the week’s photo and video events agenda from our New York Events Calendar.

On Tech Tock, Mason Resnick explains the right and wrong way to design a prime lens for MILCs, with manual shooters in mind; and he interviews magazine editor Lara Casey, Editor-in-Chief of Southern Wedding Magazine.

At the Adorama News Desk, Mason Resnick covers the week’s photography news, including the new “White Magic” LCD monitor from Sony, which increases visibility in bright sunlight, the Leica M9 to M9-P upgrade (for a mere $2000!) a Canon tethering app for Android and more.

On the Techniques and How-Tos blog, Brian Peterson explains how to illuminate interiors with a bright exterior light in the scene; Tamara Lackey interviews humanitarian photographer David duChemin about his new book and his business advice for photographers (stay out of debt!); and Mark Wallace gives some tips on pet photography.

On the Gear Guides and Reviews blog, Mark reviews the Panasonic G3; he also reviews the DSLR Remote HD app for the iPad, which allows you to remotely fire and control your Canon or Nikon DSLR; and Sandy Ramirez compares the manual focus Zeiss and Rokinon 35mm primes in action.


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