Around the Adoramasphere

Posted in News by Nathan Lee Bush on August 27, 2011

Around the Adoramasphere is our weekly roundup of the internet goings-on of the Adorama family.

One Announcement to Rule Them All ... The Sony NEX-7

On the Techniques and How-Tos blog, Storm-chasing photographer Chris Krindler shares some techniques for shooting extreme weather (must-read if you’re planning to shoot Irene!); Mark Wallace demonstrates all the different ways to use a tilt-shift lens; Jena Ardell shares some of her favorite concert photography techniques; and Bryan Peterson shows how to achieve some artistic effects when shooting flowers.

On the Gear Guides and Reviews blog, Mark reviews a versatile continuous light source for studio use, Westcott’s Spiderlight TD6 Light Head; Mark Lent explains how to choose a tripod; Mark reviews iSupr8, an iPad app from Levi’s Photo Workshop which adds a vintage look to your video footage; and Fred Singer explains WiDi, an intel technology built into new TVs that allows you to stream content from your laptop.

On this blog, Through The Looking Glass, I cover the announcement of the Sony’s impressive new large sensor mirrorless compact, the NEX-7, which gives many market leading APS-C DSLRs a run for their money; I highlight the work of ARC customer Timothy Saccenti – who reinvents his aesthetic with each project – as an antidote to the predictable and boring portfolios we too often see; and we cover the week’s photo and video workshops, openings and lectures in New York City.

On Tech Tock, Mason Resnick covers the new Joe McNally exhibition, Faces of Ground Zero, Ten Years Later, Mason creates a compendium of useful articles for aspiring concert and music photographers from the Adorama Learning Center; and photographer Douglas Sonders explains how he made an expensive-looking viral music video using DSLRs and a tiny crew.

At the Adorama News Desk, it was a big week for camera announcements, with Nikon, Canon and Panasonic all introducing new and updated consumer models, notably Nikon’s P7100 and the Lumix G 14-42mm pancake lens; but Sony stole the show, with its impressive new APS-C flagship, the A77, and it’s incredibly spec’d pro interchangeable lens compact, the NEX-7.


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