Breaking Canon launches C300 Digital Cinema Camera

Posted in Equipment, Video by Nathan Lee Bush on November 3, 2011

Canon EOS C300

Few, if any, announcements this year were as eagerly anticipated in the film world as Canon’s November 3rd unveiling of a “historic” project at Paramount Hollywood. Canon pulled out all the stops, with film luminaries like Robert Rodriguez, JJ Abrams, and Ron Howard in attendance, and Martin Scorsese himself speaking about how small but capable cameras are transforming the craft. The event is currently underway, with Canon announcing a Super 35mm pro digital cinema camera to try to wrestle some of the market share from the reigning contenders, RED, ARRI, and Sony.

Canon showed a stream of short films from various filmmakers to display the range of the camera, from dark sci-fi films to natural light naturalistic films shot in the desert.

Now to the camera itself. The event was short on specs, but here’s what we know: the form factor is very compact, and decidedly Canon in look and feel. The C300 is available in either EOS or PL mount versions. Pricing quotes varied from site to site, so I won’t comment until it’s confirmed. Rumors of a 2K or higher camera were wrong, with 1080p the maximum resolution, and, disappointingly, only 720p at 50/60 fps. Dual CF card slots and 10 bit HD-SDI will be onboard, as well as 4″ detachable LCD monitor. While the spec sheet is not that hugely impressive, Canon seems to be banking on leveraging the powerful on-board processing power to shine in color reproduction, especially on skin tones, which it claims are top-notch. Canon also emphasized the high ISO capabilities of the camera.

Did the event live up to the “historic” billing? The early internet pulse has mixed reactions. The camera didn’t seem to knock anyone’s socks off, but in the end, the image quality will decide its fate, for better or worse.

We’ll report as more information on the camera is revealed.

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