Jannard paints the town RED with SCARLET

Posted in Video by Dave Goldgaber on November 3, 2011

In less than an hour (Eastern time that is), Jim Jannard, owner and head of operations at RED digital cinema co. along with his team will announce the long….long…LONG awaited, Scarlet digital still and motion camera. The camera was teased to the production community way back in 2008 and a prototype shown at CES in 2010 but constant setbacks kept the camera from being released until now. The re-announcement comes at an interesting time as it’s at the same time as Canon’s new digital cinema camera, the C300 (initial post below).

I will be covering the progress of this announcement as it develops and will post official pictures of Scarlet and specs, but if you want to head-over to RED’s user-forum to follow the breaking news and celebratory remarks follow the link below!

Oh…and did I mention…? Adorama Rental Co. will be offering the Scarlet as soon as it becomes available! And just between the Canon-lovers and I, I was told today that the owner of Adorama ALREADY purchased the C300 so we’ll be offering that soon as well! More to come SOON!

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  1. PowerProcessor said, on November 3, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    So is the RED site down? It’s 6:20pm PST and I can’t get at it.

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