Highlight Tech: Two New Zeiss CP.2 Primes (50mm and 100mm)

Posted in Equipment, Video by Nathan Lee Bush on November 25, 2011

With their various mount compatibility, forgoing the need for adaptors, Zeiss’ Compact Prime lenses have become an essential tool in many filmmaker arsenals, with the addition of the CP.2 50mm macro T/2.1-22 and  CP.2 100mm T/2.1-22 to our arsenal, we now have the complete collection.

We rent these lenses in PL and EF mount options. Both lenses have full-frame coverage, and the “sweet spot effect” is on APS-C sized sensors.

Now you can rent the full range of Zeiss Compact Primes and know that you have almost any scenario covered, and take comfort in a consistent look throughout.

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  1. […] whether the Sony NEX-7 is worth twice the cost of the NEX-5N; we announce the addition of the 50mm and 100mm t/2.1 CP.2 Compact Primes from Zeiss, which complete our rentable collection across the whole range, and in other lens news […]

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