Fujifilm Planning M-Mount Adapter for X-Pro1

Posted in Equipment, News, Photography by Nathan Lee Bush on January 12, 2012

Borrowing a page from the Ricoh GXR, Fujifilm has confirmed it’s latest shrewd move to make up for lost time in its quest to win the mirrorless race despite its dearth of lenses, promising an M-Mount adapter by April. At the same time the move is an play to take the wind out of Leica’s sails by positioning its X-Pro1 as an affordable alternative. The move simultaneously fends off the NEX-7’s head start in lens availability, by allowing compatibility with the deep family of lenses created for Leica’s famous mount.

It’s unclear what kind of focus assist Fujifilm has implemented for manual focusing third party lenses like these. Probably it will take the form of a zoom for critical focus, as implemented in Micro Four Thirds cameras and the EVF of the original X100, as well as the NEX cameras. Hopefully Fujifilm will include peaking functionality in a firmware update, as thus far only Sony has made this killer feature standard for achieving critical focus with manual lenses.

via PhotographyBlog


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