Nikon D800 and D800E Announced

Posted in Equipment, News, Photography by Nathan Lee Bush on February 7, 2012

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. After three and a half years, the D800 has landed. It seems the rumored specs were largely true, and the class-leading 36MP (more than twice its big brother, the D4) sensor was not a pipe dream! This catapults it into the realm of medium format cameras in terms of resolution, and adding to this appeal, Nikon has announced a variation, the D800E, with the anti-aliasing feature removed from the low pass filter. The D800 inherits most of the technology from the flagship D4, including the EXPEED 3 processor, 3.2″ rear LCD and updated 51 point AF system, with a few of the niche sports/events features left out – like the 11 fps continuous shooting(4fps), ethernet connectivity and QXD memory standard – a fine compromise for most users.

The ergonomics have been considerably tweaked. It’s lighter than its predecessor, has a curvy new chassis, the slanted shutter button of the D4, and a few tweaked buttons, notably the addition of a direct access bracketing control on the top left dial. The D800 also incorporates an SD card slot next to the CF card slot, acknowledging the popularity of the format and the increasing speeds available.

The video is also class-leading (for the moment), and Nikon is marketing it as “Full Cinematic Experience” Technology with the uncompressed HDMI out option of the D4, and audio monitoring capabilities. It also shoots 60fps at 720p, which seems to be the new standard on DSLRs, outside of the Sony family, which has 1080p 60fps video standard on even their mid-range mirrorless cameras and SLT cameras.

There are already videos up showcasing the cameras cinematic chops, and they are pretty impressive. Note the lack of discernible rolling shutter effect and impressive low light performance in this video (but some unfortunate moire at 0:45):

Unless Canon pulls out some pretty next level functionality with its 5D Mark III update, it looks like Nikon has finally even with Canon DSLRs in this area.

Adorama Pro is taking orders now at

Or by contacting one of the representatives:

Jeff:  jsnyder at
Anne: annec at
Julio: juliof at
Ray: rayg at

The D800 will be available next month, with the D800E making its way onto the market in April.

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