Sh*t Filmmakers Say

Posted in News by Nathan Lee Bush on February 8, 2012

This first rather inaccurately titled video is actually an eerily accurate peak into the world of Indie Filmmaking. The characters, immediately recognizable, fall less into the category of ‘film snobs’ as ’emerging filmmakers’ with a DIY bent, utilizing the revolutionarily democratizing tools of the DIY filmmakers and name dropping with their command of the filmmaking Canon. For anyone who has ever been on a set, the plane bit is immediatedly recognizable. It killed me.

This second video from Sundance serves as a nice parallel, with the discomfort-inducing emphasis on the shameless self-promoter archetype, one who is immediately recognizable to anyone with even a passing familiarity with this oversaturated and hypercompetitive market. We can all recognize the character with a thin resume but a perplexing lack of humility.

Via No Film School.

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