Around the Adoramasphere

Posted in News by Nathan Lee Bush on February 20, 2012

Around the Adoramasphere is our weekly roundup of the internet goings-on of the Adorama family.

The Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic

At the Adorama News Desk, Lensbaby delivers a sweet Valentine’s Day gift to portrait shooters with an 80mm f/2.8 tilt shift lens.

On the Techniques and How-Tos blog, Joe McNally explains how he solved a challenging color scenario with the new Nikon D4; Mark Wallace shows how to deal with Moiré patterns in your photos in post; Tamara Lackey releases the second part of her interview with Wedding Photographer Doug Gordon.

On the Gear Guides and Reviews blog, Mark reviews the large sensor prosumer camcorder from Sony, the NEX-VG10; Diane Miller reviews Adobe Photoshop Elements 10; and Mark reviews B&W Binary, a high-contrast black-and-white conversion app for iPad.


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