8K Sony F65 Video Walkthrough

Posted in Equipment, Video by Nathan Lee Bush on March 7, 2012

Join Adorama Rental Company’s Director of Digital Cinema, Daniel Gurzi, as he walks us through the main features of the revolutionary new camera from Sony, the 8K F65!

In each video he explains a different aspect of the camera:

1. F65 Overview

Topics covered include:

— Anton Bauer power supply
— built-in ND filters
— solid state SRMemory media
— mechanical shutter which eliminates rolling shutter
— electronic shutter presets

2. Interface

Topics covered include:
— navigation
— framerate choices
— dialing in shutter angle
— switching ND filters
— gain/ISO adjustment
— white balance control
— gamma selection
— programmable function buttons

3. Viewfinder

Topics covered include:
— viewfinder diopter removal
— menu interface overview
— external control dials for peaking, contrast & brightness
— focus assist, B&W, Zebra conrols

4. Rear Deck

Topics covered include:
— deck control
— time code control
— level control
— XLR inputs
— shutter sync
— HD Luminance
— SDI out
— USB interfaces
— accessory plates


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  3. Martin Chab said, on July 8, 2012 at 4:56 am

    Here you can find a hands on review of the F65:


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