Introducing: ARC’s Digital Cinema Division

Posted in News by Nathan Lee Bush on March 30, 2012

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On March 27, we formally announced our arrival to the Pro Filmmaking world with the official launch party for ARC’s new Digital Cinema Department.

Held at the beautiful Tribeca Skyline Studio, we were joined by top DPs and cinematographers from NYC and beyond. We showcased professional cinema cameras from Arri, Canon, Red and Sony, each devoted to four staged demonstrations (a painter, cupcake decorator, sushi chef and live tattooing). The outputs were featured on plasma screens in a viewing area where guests could compare all the footage in one place.

There was a sushi bar, tray passed appetizers, full bar and lounge, ice sculpture luge featuring specialty cocktails (!), and raffle in which we gave away a 5D Mark III, $1,000 ARC Rentals Gift Certificate and Apple’s newest iPad. A great time was had by all!

We are embarking on a new era, where formerly stark divisions between the still and motion world are dissolving. We find ourselves in the age of the Image Maker. With the HDSLR revolution, Adorama Rental Co, historically a photography-centric resource, saw the writing on the wall, and invested heavily in this new breed of transitional hybrid technologies, which are now reaching maturity. Before long, commercial filmmakers were enthusiastically turning to us for our unparalleled prices, service and technical support.

Over the last year, we’ve been preparing for the next phase of our explosive transition to a full-fledged multimedia rental house for the digital image-making age. As filmmakers progressed up the ladder from HDSLRs to Professional Camcorders and Digital Cinema gear, we progressed with them, adding to our arsenal the full range of top digital cinema cameras, like the Arri Alexa, RED ONE MX, EPIC and Scarlet X, Sony’s F65 and F3, and Canon’s C300. Lighting, grip, glass and gear all kept pace with similar pro-level upgrades.

With the best prices in New York City, without sacrificing service and support, Adorama Rental Co. will soon be a household name in the filmmaking industry.


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