Nikon D800 v Canon 5D Mark III video test: high ISO, moiré, rolling shutter & dynamic range

Posted in Equipment, Video by Nathan Lee Bush on April 6, 2012

AdoramaTV Pro puts Canon’s and Nikon’s newest Full Frame pro DSLRs, the 5D Mark III and D800, head to head in a video shootout.

In these real world tests, we compare:
– moiré patterns
– rolling shutter during quick panning shots
– high ISO performance by candlelight and in an urban night scene
– a high contrast scene to test dynamic range

Both cameras used the default “Standard” color profiles and were shot at 24 fps. All 5D Mark III footage was shot in the new ALL-I high bitrate codec, and the Nikon D800 used the highest internal codec, although a 4:2:2 clean HDMI output to an external recorder offers the highest recording quality (clean HDMI out is not available in the Mark III).

What do you think? Join us in the comments to discuss!


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  1. menachem adelman said, on April 29, 2012 at 10:55 am

    Poor test for a DSLR shootout.
    While we know that video has trampled into the still arena, the real comparisons for still image photographers exist in tonal range, dynamic range, resolution, tethering realities and high resolutio RAW image output to real world Adobe RGB for publication.
    Not just a video clip that was taken ‘whatever’.
    Give us a real test!

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