ARC @ NAB 2012: ARRI M40, M18 and L7-C

Posted in Equipment by Nathan Lee Bush on April 18, 2012

ARC’s Miguel Goodbar met up with ARRI’s John Gresch at this year’s NAB to talk about some of the new lighting products from the company.

John shows us the M40 HMI in a Max Technology Reflector, which maximizes light, the M18 1800 watt lamp in the Max reflector which can work off an outlet, and finally, the L7-C LED fresnel, which allows you to program the color temperature between 2800 and 10,000k and gives access to hue and saturation in various colors.

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  1. […] including the modular M, Plus, and flagship Studio, as well as their newest lighting solutions, the ARRI M40, M18 and L7-C LED Fresnel; we speak with Zeiss about their mulitude of new swappable-mount cinema lenses making their way to […]

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