ARC @ NAB 2012: RED Dragon Sensor and Other News

Posted in Equipment, News, Video by Nathan Lee Bush on April 18, 2012


We interview Ted Schilowitz of RED at NAB 2012 about the latest developments coming down the road from the digital cinema company. He talks about the new 6K Dragon sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range which will be available later this year for $6,000 in RED EPICs and Scarlets.

He also talks about the Canon, Nikon and Leica mount adaptors and the further bridging of the still and video world that such high resolution image capture provides.

He shows off some wireless systems to reduce cable clutter on set, as well as a tack sharp nine-inch touchscreen display.

[an earlier version of this post said the Dragon sensor was available for the Epic and One, when it’s the Epic and Scarlet.]

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  1. Chase said, on April 21, 2012 at 11:49 am

    RED Ones won’t be available for the Dragon upgrade as currently announced, only Epic and Scarlet.

  2. […] we get a tour of the interface; we talk to RED’s number two, Ted Schilowitz, about the new 6K Dragon Sensor due by years end and other products in the pipeline; we interview Sony regarding the FS700, the […]

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