ARC @ NAB: ARRI ALEXA Plus, M & Studio

Posted in Equipment, News, Video by Nathan Lee Bush on April 19, 2012


Miguel Goodbar talks with Stephan Ukas-Bradley of ARRI Digital Cameras about some new concept technologies in development, software updates adding features like additional codec support, and peripherals on the way for the ALEXA family.

He discusses the ALEXA Plus, which adds lens metadata tracking and an integrated wireless remote control, the ALEXA M modular camera for action and aerial photography, and the ALEXA Studio flagship, with a 4:3 sensor for true anamorphic capabilities.

A concept Anamorphic lens

The ARRi Alexa M


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  1. […] ready, high speed camera. And RED, showing off their new 6K Dagon Sensor at their dungeony booth. Arri announced their new 4:3 camera paired with a prototype of the anamorphic lens, a collaboration with Zeiss. Carl Zeiss introduced a […]

  2. […] the FS700, the 4K-ready, high speed cinema camera priced under $10,000; ARRI shows us their latest ALEXA 4:3 digital cinema cameras, including the modular M, Plus, and flagship Studio, as well as their newest lighting solutions, […]

  3. Rob Stiff - Sioux Falls, South Dakota said, on June 5, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    ARRI Alexa image quality is amazing!
    The Alexa M creates a lot more possibilities for shooting.
    There is also a 65 foot SMPTE cable option to attach the Alexa Body to the light weight head.
    If the head is up on a jib, all control are reachable from the Alexa Body on the ground, even being able
    to change the media (SxS cards) without having to bring the jib head down, etc.
    All the right connections are there in the head to use a wireless follow focus, remote record, etc. Exciting!

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