ARC @ NAB 2012: Canon C500, 1D C & 4K Monitor

Posted in Equipment, News, Video by Nathan Lee Bush on April 20, 2012


Adorama Rental Co’s Miguel Goodbar meets with Canon’s Chuck Westfall to discuss the new 4K flagship cinema camera, the EOS C500, EOS 1D-C 4K cinema DSLR, new compact cinema zoom lenses and concept 4K display.

We find out who these cameras are aimed at, where the 1080p C300 fits in the range, and why Canon has its sights on 4K.


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  1. […] Blackmagic did it. After the launch of the C300, Canon surprisingly announced two new 4K cameras: the C500 and the 1D C DSLR, along with a whole new line of Cine prime and zoom lenses. Sony showed off their F65 capabilities […]

  2. […] surprises and expectations for next year; we talk with Canon’s Chuck Westfall about the new cinema cameras, the 4K 1D C video-oriented DSLR and C500 flagship cinema camera due next year, as well as a 4K […]

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