Video: On-Camera LED Lighting

Posted in Equipment by Nathan Lee Bush on May 16, 2012


Daniel Norton of Adorama Pro Imaging guides us through some popular choices for portable on-camera LED lighting options for events, interviews and other scenarios demanding lightweight, energy efficient and portable continuous lighting solutions.

Daniel discusses the:

  • Litepanels MicoPro 5600K Dimmable LED
  • Litepanels Croma fully dimmable LED Light with Bi-color blending 3200-5600K
  • Rosco Litepad Kit with the softest quality of light on the market
  • Zylight Z90 DP Light Kit with a continuous range of color temperatures between 2500-9000K, precluding the need for gels

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  1. […] blog, Through the Looking Glass, we have a video review of some of Adorama Pro’s popular On-Camera LED lighting solutions from Litepanels, Rosco and Zylight; we also review the video support arm solutions from […]

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