Highlight Tech: Mole-Richardson 2K Spacelite

Posted in Equipment by Adorama Rental Co. on June 5, 2012

Check out the recently arrived Mole-Richardson 2K Spacelite, an extremely versatile and powerful lighting tool!

An open ended, omnidirectional, cylindrically-shaped soft box, this Tungsten light has a seemingly limitless number of applications, limited only by the imagination of the DP or photographer.

Most commonly, the 2K version is used as a big omnidirectional light to fill a medium to small space (hence the name). An array of them will commonly be seen lighting a green screen, studio or film set. It goes great with our smaller greenscreen.

They are great for whenever you need a top soft light, which can funnel down a soft, flattering light. They are commonly strung above the subject on car shoots, as it emphasizes the curves of the car nicely, and allows you to see where it’s coming without ruining the contrast.

Similarly, you’ll see them employed as a giant chinese lantern substitute, as in the night scenes in the woods in the later Harry Potter films, where it stands in for the moon.

You can also add a “full skirt” a light blocking tube which kills the light from the side and focuses it straight down, a handy feature for interrogation scenes and dramatic overhead lighting. A “half skirt” blocks light from one side, handy when you want to light the background but not the actors. Here’s a diagram of the effect of the skirt on the light quality, courtesy of Mole-Richardson’s website.

To see the Spacelite in action, check out this behind the scenes of a music video shoot for Kimbra’s, “Cameo Lover.” It seems like there’s a 6K in front with two 2Ks behind.

And here’s the final product:

As you can see, the light quality is diffuse and flattering with minimal shadows.

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