I’m So Paid: Navigating the New Media Landscape

Posted in News, Video by Nathan Lee Bush on June 20, 2012

I had a chance to see the great discussion between Sub-Genre‘s Brian Newman and No Film School‘s Ryan Koo at the Vimeo Festival and Awards a couple weeks back. The ‘Festival’ is a bit of a misnomer, as the day was largely filled with workshops and panel discussions helping indie filmmakers with meta topics like navigating the new media landscape as well as practical how-tos, like GreyscaleGorilla‘s Cinema 4D overview. The actual festival and awards part was relegated to screenings at the end of each long day of jam-packed information sessions.

This session with Newman and Koo included a presentation by Newman of the new media reality and some examples of filmmakers who are embracing new models and foregoing all traditional channels to make money and get financing in the internet age. A Q&A with Koo followed, who secured the most money for a feature ever funded on Kickstarter when it was running, on how he was able to generate such excitement for his project. The session is now online free and is definitely worth the time.


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