Highlight Tech: Kino Flo’s Celeb 200

Posted in Equipment by annakfischer on July 4, 2012

LED Celeb 200The Celeb 200 is Kino Flo’s new LED, designed to match the look the company is known for. A cool running light with strong color control, it features a higher output than many of of its competitors (more light than the 1×1), more comparable to the Diva.

It features a handy color temperature dial in the back, with lots of easy presets that are routed to push buttons. You can just push a button for tungsten, then fine tune it by turning the dial or cycling through 15 degree increments. The output is very consistent throughout the spectrum, from 5500K to 2700K.

There are some drawbacks to the higher then average output. You can run the Celeb off batteries, but they chew through Anton Bauers much quicker than other LEDs will. If you are going to run them via batteries, it’s better to hook them up to a Joker battery belt.

One of the most distinctive features about the Celeb is the built in diffuser. The light is both super soft and it avoids the problem of multiple shadows most LED panels suffer from at close range.

Overall the Celeb is a portable powerhouse with great build quality and very consistent light.

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