Sony FS700 at Adorama Rentals

Posted in Equipment, Video by Nathan Lee Bush on August 21, 2012

Last week a cadre of film industry professionals joined us in our fifth floor event space for a special Sony FS700 presentation. Tom Cubby of Sony gave a nuts-and-bolts breakdown of the hot new camera’s features and addressed audience members’ unanswered questions. After the presentation, guests were given an opportunity to go hands on with the camera, investigating the customized cage which will come standard with the camera on orders.

Sony shocked the industry at NAB with the announcement of the Sony FS700, which shared the spotlight with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera as the belle of the ball. Both were aggressively attacking the industry’s sacred cows with specialty features earlier confined to high-end cameras.

In the case of Black Magic, they were offering 12-bit RAW recording with 13 stops dynamic range for a mere $3,000. The FS100 similarly promised unheard of specs for its sub $10,000 price point: 240 fps recording at Full HD (and up to 960 fps at a lower resolution), as well as a 4K-ready sensor with a promised upgrade option in the near future. The camera builds on the hit FS100 strengths, while addressing many of the common complaints about that camera, such as an insubstantial top handle, and lack of built-in ND Filters.

Our kit makes the already-compelling camera even more drool-worthy, fortified with an included Movcam cage: rugged baseplate, shoulder pad, rails and top handle package. Hand grips like the CAS Spidergrips and a monitor like the TV Logic 5.6″ monitor would be ideal additions for a shoulder mounted rig.

The FS700 is available for rental on our website.

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