Highlight Tech: Nila Boxer LED Cinema Light

Posted in Equipment by annakfischer on August 22, 2012

Nila Boxer LED LightMeet the Nila Boxer, an LED cinema light, with roughly equivalent output to a 1k HMI or 1200-2000 tungsten fixture. Unlike most HMI’s or tungsten fixtures, it’s square. Because the LED’s are fixed in position the light is bit tighter and more directional out of the box than most other fixtures.

However the Boxer comes with a set of hologramatic lenses that can be added to diffuse the light in 10 to 20 degree increments. As with any spot-flood arrangement, as you diffuse the light you get less candles per foot. So the light will be dimmer in the center but you will have a broader spread. When fully diffused, The Nila has a charter similar to the Joker 400.

High output LED’s are still fairly exotic, but they have several advantages over traditional lights that I think will move them into greater prevalence in coming years.

Nila Boxers are plug-and-play. You can turn them on and get the light a full power almost immediately without having to wait five to ten minutes like traditional HMI’s. They also run much cooler than traditional continuous lights (although hotter then most LED’s), this means short wait times cool down and faster pack up.

The Boxer has a much smaller power draw – only 250 watts at full power compared to lights with an equivalent output. You can run seven off a single generator or circuit. It’s also possible to run them off Anton Bauers or a Joker battery belt with an inverter. In our tests, two belts with an inverter gives you over three hours worth of light at full power.

For the environmentalists among you, the Nila is a relatively ‘green’ light. It both draws less power, creates less waste heat and has fewer heavy metal components than traditional lights. The Boxer bulbs have a 20,000 hour expected runtime, so they need to be replaced less frequently. Also, any light that has come to the end of it’s usefulness can be returned to the company for recycling.

So if you’re looking for a versatile, compact, cool, plug-and-play continuous light, take the Nila Boxer for a spin. You won’t be disappointed!


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