Tonight: #SANDY, a Fundraiser at Foley Gallery

Posted in Events by Nathan Lee Bush on November 19, 2012

Tonight from 6-9PM at Foley Gallery, the NYC photo community is coming together for #Sandy, a benefit sale to help support the ongoing Sandy relief efforts.

Photos will be on sale for $50 from the following photographers: Ben Lowy, Ed Kashi, Stephen Wilkes, Ruddy Roye, Wyatt Gallery, Hank Willis Thomas, Michael Christopher Brown, Craig Wetherby, Yosra El-Essawy, Sam Horine, Nicole Sweet, Dylan Chandler, Brent Bartley, Stanley Lumax, Varenka Ruiz, Lyle Owerko, and Erica Simone. Printing services are donated by fine art photo printing studio Gotham Imaging.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to Occupy Sandy and Alison Thompson’s Rockaway Relief center. With the region still reeling from the unprecedented climate change linked superstorm, there is no better time to come help support this important effort.

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