Highlight Tech: Joker-Bug

Posted in Equipment by annakfischer on November 21, 2012

We offer the K5600 Joker-Bug lights in 200, 400, 800 and 1600 denominations. If you are looking for big light on a budget, the Jokers are an excellent choice with both the muscle and flexibility for single light set ups.

As you’d expect from a PAR the Jokers pack a punch in a small profile. With both large output and strong throw relative to their size. They’re great on location because of their fairly small power draw, although if you’re rocking a 1600 you’ll want to isolate it on the circuit. You can also run the Joker 200 and 400 off a battery belt if you are shooting in a location where there is no power available. Like any HMI the Jokers will take a couple of minutes to heat up to full illumination. Also plan for extra time for cool down before pack up.

The Jokers can be used with or without modifiers, but because of the high output you’ll want to a least diffuse through one of the kit lenses for most uses. A range of modifiers are available from softboxes to the Joker Big Eye profiled last week. Also, with the Joker Cross Over adapter, you can use it with ProFotos lineup of modifiers.

So if your looking for a powerful, flexible and affordable continuous light, take the Joker-Bug for a spin.


Anna Fischer is a fashion and beauty photographer based in New York City. You can find her work on her website.

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